Beyonce's EVERYTHING. I need!

Hi all,

Sorry for the troubles here. As mentioned in our documentation on the subject, the TIDAL content you see in Roon is not a direct pass through of TIDAL content, but actually Roon’s TIDAL database. That’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc.

This database is generated multiple times per week, but in some cases albums may barely miss the cut-off and so it takes a couple days to appear in Roon. The next time this generates you’ll be seeing the album in Roon.


Since TIDAL is a major selling point of ROON, and since this title is a major selling point of TIDAL, is there a way to get it (and other such titles) up faster?

I have an entire thread about this in the feature request.

Please add a comment there so the devs notice that it’s not just me that wants faster updates. It’s almost a weekly thing.

First world problems of course, but would be nice.

I much rather have an initial barebones update followed by a data enrichment update. Seriously.

Playing B’s album to my Rossini over UPnP. Somehow Audirvana figured it out.


Hey guys – the album should be available now.

We’re looking into why this was more delayed than normal, but you should be able to find it now under The Carters. Brian posted some background information about how we ingest content from TIDAL and what causes the delay is here.

Enjoy! :honeybee:

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You should be able to meet the same readiness as Audirvana. There’s no excuse really. Yes, this might mean changing your data loading to a two-stage. So you should have:
1- A polling mechanism, possibly from the “new” TIDAL playlist
2- A flag to indicate in Roon the new album might have only barebones data as it had been polled in, and
3- An update when you get all the data and subsequent removal of the “barebones” flag

And BTW, on the specific case of B’s album, Audirvana indicated the artist as “Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Carters”, not just “The Carters”.

I assume it’s not a matter of can’t but rather won’t. Half baked metadata is not up to Roon’s standards and so missing albums are deemed more acceptable. Not that I agree.


As I suggested, it would get a second pass. It’s worse not to be able to listen to a new release AT ALL in my opinion. Make it an option to screen out all “barebones” flagged releases if you wish.

Also: Look at the info there right now in Roon for B’s album. It is what you would get by doing a pull as I suggested.

To be honest, I think someone in Roon manually pulled this info from TIDAL…

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I agree. Info on both Tidal and in Roon is pretty basic. Apple Music screenshot indicates that they have pulled more data:

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Of course we didn’t. This album simply came to us late and we rolled out the metadata as soon as we could.

In addition, TiVo doesn’t have metadata for it yet (as I type, the album is not on all and whoever entered it into MusicBrainz did a poor job initially. As always with Roon, metadata will improve over time if our sources - initially - fall short.

As @mike said, we’re trying to understand why this came to us late.

Ok, my bad, apologies.

That was my understanding, which would then might justify the initial polling of the “new releases” playlist in TIDAL.

Having said all this, I don’t know if this is at all doable given your load process - I am basing this on the fact that the information does exist in TIDAL, and through APIs such as Audirvana, much faster.

Can’t wait til Qobuz launches so I can ditch Roon, Tidal, and esp Tidal’s non stop promotion of Jay Z and Beyonce. Yuck.

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Not that hard to get Qobuz Sublime in the US (I have it).

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I’ve moderated and removed a few comments. If someone is not happy with Roon, Tidal or other services, they are free to comment about quitting the service.

Please don’t attack the user if you don’t agree with them.

Cheers, Greg


Who is going to defend Mr. and Mrs. Carter though? I might just have a listen later and put a few more cents in those bulging coffers! Just out of spite! And if Mr. Carter’s last is anything to go by, I might even enjoy a few of the tracks. Mmmmmm!


I think it’s a pretty good album frankly.

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I can understand why the OP is concerned about how fast Roon can get programming like “The Carters” recent release up and running ASAP. The success of the programming depends on creating a desire in its audience to keep up with the narrative. Among many examples of media exploiting the power of serial programming is Dickens in the 19th century, Comic books, Soap Operas, and modern material such as Game of Thrones. Many find it fascinating to find out who is going to dis who and to what length these manufactured celebrities will go to brag about their accomplishments and wealth, and to what depths of pain and misery they will sink when the tides turn.

My preference is to listen to music on Roon (TIDAL). Music can mean different things to different people, but to me it is the manifestation of abstract thoughts that are poignantly expressed through melody, harmony, rhythm, and tonality. While language is part of vocal expression (singing), for me it is an adjunct quality. When the power of the music depends on the content of the lyrics over the tonality of the singing, it becomes less “musical” and more like story-telling. If I am looking for information, I prefer to read. If I am looking for transcendence, I find music compelling and imminently more satisfying. When it was recorded (or performed) and when it was released is inconsequential.

Well said Kevin. Plenty of us here appreciate Beyonce’s work too. Welcome.