Beyond Frustrated - Samsung Tablet Freeze

Its a simple set up for a simple man, pc running ru core, remote connection via a galaxy 4 tablet, worked a treat, Until the update WTF!

The core on my pc was miss behaving but now inst

As for the tablet, im getting a frozen with screen no album/artist info cant do Jack but close it down. Thats it

Ive completely unistalled roon remote and re installed on my tablet - still the same

Ive had my ups and downs with Roon many down to me being a ludite , which were always speedily resolved thanks to support and other users (theres a good community of people out there happy to advice and assist) never mind the support team.

But im seriuosly pissed off

Can anyone advice so i go back to sitting on my can on the sofa and flick through albums like i normally do


Being worked on by Roon. I found that by using forum search with the query “android freeze” :smiley:

Got all that, your mail states updated at feb 25 some 9 days ago and no resolution, slightly worrying.

Hi @Robert_Burns,

We just posted an update on this issue here:

Your problem is widely reported, also pc users with certain video cards. Roon is investigating. Good luck!

Do you use roon or tidal with roon? If not, look around. Jriver doesn’t break playback with new releases.

Yep using tidal thro roon, never touched it directly tbh, never saw the need, i have a 2 channel set up in my lounge where i do all my listening, i love the integration of roon/tidal, its all there for me.

Im a jriver user, well was until roon.havent touched it since.

Front end of roon kicks jriver into a cocked hat imo, likely others may differ but it ticks my boxes for simple idiot proof access to albums/track artist info thats just not there with jriver. Always felt it was geared to movies etc, which is fine but of utterly no interest to me.

Until roon i had used jriver from v15 with sox being a huge improvement to sq, but felt roon across the board suited me better.

Samsung tablet im using as my remote controller is about 6 yrs old, wouldnt like to have to part with some cash for a new one if i didnt have too.

Utterly lazy on my part but love sitting on my butt listening and scrolling

So there it is.


Lots of us moved from jriver for the same reasons. Lots have retained jriver too and run in dual mode…

Buy an iPad?

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Not for me thanks


We’ve released a new update, Roon 1.7 Build 528, which contains improvements that we believe will help with the issues you are experiencing here. Please see our release notes below:

The Team At Roon Labs

Thank you for the update, much appreciated.

I was going to ask before i recieved this mail, so i will ask anyway, given im personally not a fan of apple id like to stick with andriod as a remote platform, ive used my samsung tablet for years without a hitch but would like at some point to move to a 12" tablet.

With this in mind (and without asking for a future proof solution as sadly nothing is) can you suggest a minimum tablet spec for accessing roon remotely.

Id been keen for any suggestions or recommendation for tablets other than samsung if anyone has any suggestions.



AFAIK the biggest Android tablets are still only 10,1 inch.
Only the iPad Pro has a 12,5” version (and it is the only tablet that let you use Roon in portrait mode)


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ROON support Thank You, build update resolved my woe’s on the tablet front.


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