Big Sur Beta 6 Upgrade

Never know what’s going to happen with a beta software. If you play around with MacOS, I upgraded to Beta 6 Big Sur and it somehow seems to have disconnected my network storage. Had to reload NAS drive. A nuisance.

Yes, for some reason Beta 6 messed up network file shares / SMB.

To fix, run this command in Terminal:

sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/smbfs.kext

I’m sure it will be fixed in Beta 7, as it got a lot of noise in the forums.


thank you!

I was about to do the same, but by Mac cannot see the internal storage in my Nucleus in Finder. How did you fix this?

my storage is external and i don’t have a Nucleus so I cannot offer a solution. jhwalker seems to be a computer geek and helped me. maybe he’ll chime in. Otherwise “support” is the best course

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Just for kicks I ran the command line you quoted in this thread and it worked. I can see my internal storage again. Thank you!

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The command line fix persists until reboot in earlier betas of Big Sur.

Apple Support contacted me today with the following info:

"There are changes in the latest update, build 20A5374i, that may have resolved this issue.

You can see the software build your device is running and check for the latest update by clicking on the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner > About This Mac. If the build is not visible, click on the macOS version, e.g. 10.15.x, to reveal it."

So if you’re on the beta, update to the newest version and reboot. Working for me :slight_smile:

Thanks. updated to ver 20A5374i with no issues.

Me too. Thanks John