Biggest Roon Shortcoming for Me - Playlist Random Play

It seems that the algorithm that drives the selection of songs within a playlist could use improving. I’ve seen this posted elsewhere so I’m not the only one who sees this as an issue. I have a playlist that is 227 tracks with 16 hours of music. But the same songs get played over and over. With this many songs in the playlist it should sound fresh and interesting every time I use it. Instead if feels repetitive and it gets stale. Not good.

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Hi, How are you instigating the playing of the playlist?

Once I select a playlist, I use the down arrow button next to “Play Now” and then I select the shuffle button. Is there another way to do this that works better?

I experience the same thing (and i handle it the same as you do). It does have flac’s and tidals in it. Sometimes it’s playing 30 Tidals in a row. Some songs are played far more than other songs.
Sometime I pick a song at the bottom of the list, but that does not change a thing. That’s a pitty.

I let my MusicIPmixer/musicipserver create my playlists and then import them into roon. Simply because ‘randomize’ is something from way back in the 80th whereas MusicIP (dated from 2002-2008 and still a class of it’s own) allows me to define rules such as
ensure same artists won’t happen within the next ‘x’ tracks
ensure that origdate won’t differ for more but ‘x’ years between this and next track
and similar things.

Such features on there own superseed a basic ‘random’ feature by miles.

not to mention that MusicIP works best if being backed by audio fingerprints, but that’s a differt story.

Which makes me somewhat puzzled, since the roon ‘radio’ function is something similar perhaps with lower accuracy and no knobs for fine-tuning like MusicIP did.

but instead of being entitled to create a blank playlist, why the hell isn’t there a menu which allows me to do …
create ‘radio’ playlist sized ‘x’ tracks or ‘x’ minutes?
Would be dead cool since I could then warp such a list onto my mobile for the next day.
Or is that available somehow and I missed that?
If not … perhaps good enough to file a feature request?

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When roon started there “playlist ideas” thread I gave them the link to ipmixer and all of it’s abilities so they do know about it.
Thanks for the reminder. I hadn’t realised this was available offline now that is brilliant!

I have the same complaint. Shame that this was two years ago, and the issue still exists!

I have several playlists ranging from a couple hundred songs to over 1100, and it is really disappointing to hear the same 50-60 tracks over and over.

I could do that for ‘free’ with just Tidal or Qobuz on my endpoints.

You need somehow to use MyMix in Tidal to feed your end points, Tidal Connect is “coming soon” depending on your hardware.

The only control app I have found that supports MyMix is mConnect , a DLNA controller , but it too is not perfect,

You can save a MyMix playlist in Tidal that will then show in Roon but it’s fixed by the copy

Good idea would be Roon.supporting MyMix

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I am a new convert to Room and it’s fantastic- BUT very disapointed with the non-random “random” playlist function. I have many playlists of over 1,000 titles and I keep getting a very limited “random” choice. Come on Soon surely a simple fix to just fix a basic random selection. What is the difficulty here?

Random is the spice of life!

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Read Soon for Room and Soon :joy:

Roon for Soon and Rooon !!!

This has been an ongoing issue for a long time. When I start a playlist in shuffle mode I can almost put money on it playing one of about five songs more often than not. With over a 500 songs in a playlist that should not happen. Sigh…