Bill Evans Piano Album also given to the sax player

Hi, there is a Problem with “Some Other Time” of Bill evans. Roon lists the Album under Bill Evans (the pianist); but also under Bill Evans (the sax player).
Please solve the issue.
Thanks and bye

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Thanks for the report, @Massimo_Daolio — We are looking into this.

Hi @Massimo_Daolio,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?

I had a similar problem. Perhaps Roon can learn to distinguish, but in the meantime I manually tagged the artists in brackets:

Bill Evans [Piano]
Bill Evans [Sax]

That’s how record stores do it!

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Hi Dylan
I’ll try asap, I am not home these days

It works, thanks

I modifed the artist as suggested by Jim_Emerson and it works.