Binaural versions of music viewed in Roon are "hard work"

On Qobuz, Spem in alium. Vidi aquam (Binaural Version) - Suzi Digby - Composer : Various Composers

there are two versions. One is binaural, the other normal stereo. Until recently you had to look at the covers to tell this, but Qobuz has now labelled the binaural recording as such. However, once Roon gets its hooks in to the presenting the data there are simply two versions of the music and it is impossible to tell them apart without listening to them both.

Jean Michelle Jarre’s recently released Amazonia also has a binaural version - when first released I saw this is a separate album in Roon (and still can on Qobuz). However, I now have to dig into the versions to work out what I am listening to. As I use both speakers and headphones this causes me problems. Please turn them back into 2 albums again.

Making things challenging for the user seems to go against Roon’s intentions. However, I am only seeing this from my angle, so it would at least be good to understand the reasoning for the JMJ decision. Spem in Alium, in contrast, definitely needs fixing.

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