Stuck at step #1.

Went to Intel’s site to find the latest BIOS:

Then to here:

  1. Downloaded BIOS:
  2. Copied that file to a usb flash drive
  3. Booted up NUC, pressed F2 and entered BIOS
  4. Pressed F7 to update BIOS

There’s where I ran into a problem. It gives me no option to select a USB to flash from. It only points to a system volume directory to retrieve the BIOS file.

I skipped updating the BIOS, installed ROCK and I am up and running. Any suggestions as to how to update the BIOS properly?

Before step 3, did you perform power off and insert the USB flash drive?
Also, try using another USB flash drive.

It’s… finnicky. I did it from an apple keyboard and it took a bunch of tries to get it to work. By far the most frustrating part of the process

The workaround was this stupid thing where there’s a very specific timeframe to press the buttons, if you do 4 seconds it isn’t happy, 2 1/2 either typathing.

See instructions here.

What are the benefits of this update? Just asking as I’ve never updated mine since preparing for the installation of ROCK last August.

I’m not following you on the button pressing…

From page 6 on this manual you pointed me to, it appears you boot to the flash drive with the bios copy on it??

Yes, I did.

Dare I suggest if Rock is working fine, don’t worry about the bios update. Although the Kb suggests it , it’s been sometime since that was written, therefore your current bios may well be ok. Worst case you’ll brick the NUC best case is you probably won’t notice any difference. Myself I’m a tinkerer by heart so I have the latest bios, which goes against the general advice of don’t update the bios unless you have an issue or it provides additional new hardware support that you require.

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Roon really needs to update their instructions for ROCK.

One no longer needs to update the BIOS, particularly on a GEN8 NUC.

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Geez…so many different choices to update the BIOS, that’s insane! I’ll likely just skip it.

ROON’s instructions should eliminate any directions explaining how to update the BIOS and just point a link to Intel’s website instead. Not that the average Joe will figure it out on their own, but there seems to be several methods to updating the Bios depending on what version NUC you have. Intel should explain it for the consumer, it’s not Roon’s responsibility to. Unless Roon is going to explain a step by step for each NUC, a partial attempt isn’t helpful. It just makes things more confusing.

I agree with you Steve. Knowing that I’ve been able to update the BIOS on several PC’s throughout the years, I thought it would be rather simple to do so.

Seeing that the NUC’s sole requirement is only running ROCK, I may just let this one go. As I type this though, I am thinking to myself…Don’t be such a wimp!

If you can’t work out the keypress, or hit the moving target, then just remove the recovery bios jumper and make sure you’ve got nowt bar the .bio file on your USB stick. With everything else disconnected, power it on and the machine will do a recovery mode boot and bios update automagically. Intel Bios can be tricky coves sometimes, especially these new visual bios, not like the good old days when you could rely on a solid bit of OPSD engineering from the team in EP Hillsboro :wink: Good luck !!

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