Bird on a/the wire

The “Bird on the Wire” by Cohen has been performed by other artists, including Joe Coker, under a title “Bird on a Wire”, and Roon doesn’t group those two songs into a performance. Is there anything I can do, other than change title of one of the songs to match the other? Composer is already set for both.

I have a few versions of the song. It’s actually “Bird On A Wire”. Never heard it called “Bird On The Wire”. See my screenshot. I may have other versions of it as Roon sometimes doesn’t show every version of a given tune, but at least the title is right in all of these entries. Hope that helps!


You should hear the original :smile:
First appearence is on Leonard Cohen’s album “Song from a room” and where it is called “Bird On The Wire”.

I stand corrected!! I have that album and will have a listen later…