Bit-perfect audio stream

I stream by ethernet: Qobuz (all files FLAC) to Roon then to a Streamer so a v normal set up.
What digital format is served up to steamer by Roon is it raw PCM or FLAC and does this change if you apply DSP.
I ask as I prefer steaming via Roon than direct to steamer and just wondered if there was a scientific reason for it i.e. Roon does some processing of data before passing bit-perfect data to the streamer.
Hope this is sufficient to allow someone with more technical knowledge of how Roon works to respond.
Many thanks,

Hi Iain,

I hope to answer your question. When you stream in Roon the Qobuz stream goes to the Core, where it is processed to PCM and PCM (or DSD) is sent to the endpoint. Does not matter what DSP is applied to it. The type of DSP you employ might move it from being “bit perfect” to enhanced, for example.


Thanks Dan - good to know thank you for the prompt response. HAGD.