Bitperfect test

Hi there, I use an Audiolab M-dac connected to a Pi with an Allo Digione and Roon bridge. Before this is used MPD Audiolab supplied two bitperfect test files in WAV format.

I switched the DAC to Bitperfect test and played the WAV files with MPD. This worked, and it indicated a bitperfect path.

Playing the test files with Roon does not work. The test fails.

Is there any way to test if my Signal Path with Roon is Bitperfect?

Post a screenshot of the Roon signal path.

Check that DSP Engine is turned off, and volume leveling is turned off, and you’re not grouping multiple endpoints.

Thanks for thee quick reply.

Where do i switch off the DSP engine? How is this feature called in Roon? My Allo endpoint is now configured like this:

Is this the perfect configuration/ The 500ms is there to prevent hickups playing high definition files.

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Just for this test only: try setting Max Bits Per Sample (PCM) to 16, and rerun the test.

Does not work. The M-dac immediately tells me: Replay the test file. Still the same.

Two things I can see that shouldn’t make a difference but might. MQA capabilities should be set to none. And force max volume set to on.

It’s working now! Took some time to fiddle with it.

Exactly what did you change to make the test pass?

I am not really sure. I thought i could use every bit perfect test file and I did not use the bit perfect files the Audiolab software generated because i could not find it. But I made alterations to my settings - and - i found the generator again to regenerate the test files for the M-DAC. Perhaps it was just the correct test files. But i will play with the settings again. I changed PCM back to 24 bits because now, the 24 bits test file did not work. Obviously.