Black Roon or White Roon?

Subject says all…

  • Black Roon
  • White Roon

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Hmmm… If the current numbers are anything to go by (30 votes, 50/50) – choice is good, I guess. :smiley:

‘In the White Roon with black curtains near the station…’


I’m pretty much always black Roon, but if I need to do a screen grab, sometimes I switch to white so I can see the cursor.

As uncle Wes once sagely said, “Always bet on black”

Black black black, is the color of my true love’s hair.

I use black on the Core Mac Mini. White on the Remote dual display iMac. Since I use Screenshare on the Remote to view the Core (sometimes) it helps to remind me which device I am viewing.

Black to match the bezel on my iPad.

white on my MBP
black on my iPad

would love a dark grey option I would use on both though :slight_smile:


White to match the bezel on my iPad.

White to match the bezel on AndersVinberg’s iPad :wink:

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Technically, it’s Dark or Light… :blush:

Why do you have to be so racist?

Won’t you tell your Dad get off my back ?
Tell him what we said 'bout Paint It Black.