Blacklist Feature for Roon Radio [implemented - use artist page heart icon]

I’d love to see a “Blacklist” feature added to the excellent Roon Radio algorithm. There are artists, for instance Billy Joel, CSN, Fleetwood Mac, who I NEVER want to hear. But virtually any '70s or '80s Roon Radio rock mix will play a lot of those artists. Creating a personal Blacklist of artists that my local Roon Radio will totally avoid would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

Hi @John_OMeara,

If you go to the artist page in Roon and click on the heart icon twice it will “blacklist” the artist (same applies at track level).

Try it and see if it works out for you.


Carl, many thanks for this, I tried it and it works.

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THANK YOU for this great information. This is exactly what I was looking for. It seems that I needed to add the artist to my favorites before the heart icon would appear, but that’s an easy step. Great support!

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