'Blackout' variant of Dark Mode for OLED displays

Suggestion for a dark mode that is designed with OLED in mind.

Do you refer to Roon Remote or this forum?

Both have dark modes.

I’m not at home to show you the settings location for Roon Remote, but it isn’t too hard to locate.

For the forum, see screenshot

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I could be wrong, but, I think he knows about the current Dark Mode and is asking for a Darker mode, since the current dark mode is not absolute black on an OLED screen. If you look at your screen-shot. The Dark section around theme is not as black as the Roon Title /Menu area at the top.


Exactly this. A number of apps and applications have such options and it would be a great add for OLED users, whether the remote app or desktop app.


Ah I get ya.

@MattG yes, total black, pixels off state dark mode.


Totally agree. The amount of time I spend on this forum and Roon my Samsung A54 battery drains quickly, even in dark (grey) mode.


Exactly this. There’s economic and aesthetic benefits for OLED users whether it’s desktop or mobile.


Bump for this feature request esp for users using the new M4 iPad which has a fancy new OLED display and likely MANY Android tablet users who already had OLED displays…

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