Blank/white GUI problem that can occur when remotly viewing (RDP) workaround

Hi there, I am new to Roon and to the community too.

And I have been trying for some time to rid myself of the blank/white GUI problem that can occur when remotly viewing (RDP) the screen of my Roon Core Win10 server which has an ASROCK Q2900-ITX mainboard with on-CPU Intel HD Graphics.

I moved to the latest/greatest drivers but this didn’t fix the blank/white GUI problem.

After much looking around the WWW I found a fix which was for another application which suffered from a similar problem.

Five days later, I am no longer seeing the blank/white Roon Core GUI issue when using RDP to view the Roon Core Server screen.

What I did was to enable the policy “Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions” using gpedit / gpedit.msc. That policy setting defaults to “Not Configured”.

That setting can be found in:
Local Computer Policy
Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
Windows Components
Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Session Host
Remote Session Environment

Just run the group policy editor (press Windows+R, then type “gpedit.msc” then click “OK”), then click your way down to the “Remote Session Environment” leaf of the group policy tree and change the setting for “Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions” to “Enabled”. Then reboot the server. It worked a treat for me. I hope it works for you too.

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Unfortunately the blank/white GUI is back after more than 1 week where all was just fine. I will continue to look for a solution to this problem and will post again if I find anything useful.

Just out of curiosity, what’s your use case for RDP vs running remotes?

Hi there,

There are 2 use-cases:

I) As I was in the process of migrating my music to Roon, I found the useful to check that Roon is displaying the correct information for each album immediately after I copy it into Roon’s music directory.Whilst Roon gets things right most of the time, there are occasions where e.g the displayed Album Art is not the same as that of my CD. And I find it easier to perform the verification and make any needed changes on a large PC monitor using RDP.

Ii) I often work for long periods at a PC and find it a little more convenient to steer Roon from my large PC monitor and RDP than via the Roon app on my smartphone. This is mainly due to lack of smartphone real-estate, but it is also because this is a one device solution, I.e. it is independent of the smartphone.

I use the app the rest of the time and am very happy with it.

Thanks for asking/listening.

P.s. the ‘blank GUI’ issue only seems to happen after I have gone in to my server using RDP (whereupon the GUI is always fine if I am going in the 1st time after (re)launching Roon on the server), I then close RDP, and then, later, when I relaunch RDP to control Roon again. It is then that the Roon GUI may be blank (although everything else that RDP displays is fine). Resizing and refreshing doesn’t help. When I move the mouse around the blank Roon GUI I can see the pointer change as I mouse-over things/fields, but I cannot see what those fields are. At this point I can still use the app to control roon. The only solution I have found to recover the GUI seems to be to stop and restart Roon. This interrupts any music playing and can take some time to restart due to my library size.

Thanks. But why don’t you install the Roon app on your large monitor PC and connect to your core, and do the library maintenance and playback control from Roon on the PC? That separation of concerns is one of the primary selling points of Roon.

I may end up doing just that.

The reason I didn’t do that yet is that, as a PC maintenance ‘philosophy’, I try to avoid installing/configuring/maintaining any software that isn’t strictly needed. And I use RDP regularly to perform other activities on my server from my desktop PC and from laptops.

Thank you.

From Installing Roon:

Ever tried any of the recommendations above?

Yes, thank you, I saw those recommendations and already replaced the most recent graphics drivers provided by ASRock for my Q2900-ITX motherboard with the newest Intel HD drivers that I could find on Intel’s web site.

I don’t have another graphics card to try out in that PC… yet.

To me it looks like you are using an Intel GPU. I suggest you search on Intel’s web site for the newest driver then.

As I tried to explain in my previous post, I have already done that.

Sorry about the noise then. :disappointed_relieved:

Do you have the same issues if you use splashtop or teamviewer?

I havent tried splashtop nor teamviewer yet.

What I decided to do for the time being is to connect a real monitor/display to the win10 server PC. I want to see if the Roon GUI on that monitor goes blank/white over time. Watch this space…

I got the blank GUI again yesterday and today. Here is a picture of what I see with the real monitor connected.

I am running Win10 with all the updates, including all the optional ones.

I have never seen this with another application.

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