Blind ROCK Installation - No Monitor

I bought a NUC for ROCK. Will appreciate if someone can help me with the keyboard sequence to blind install ROCK as I have no monitor at all!

I have a USB flash but I just need the key sequence to setup the bios and also boot install from the USB… is this possible?

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Do you have a TV with HDMI?

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I don’t think you’ll be able to do this blind. There seems to be some variation in how BIOS is set up across Nuc builds. So you’d likely need to find someone with the same version of Nuc who is also willing to go through the whole setup sequence again.
As @bearFNF suggests, your best bet is an HDMI cable to the TV.

You will need a usb wired keyboard too

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Thanks a lot, looks like I will have to find a way.

I only have an iMac at my house, no TV at all, but I do have a USB keyboard that came with the NUC…

As others have said, you’ll need a keyboard (and ideally a mouse) for the initial bios setup and rock installation. Hdmi to your tv can be a substitute for a screen.
Good luck! Using rock myself - once you’re past the initial setup you probably won’t need a screen, kboard or mouse ever again :slight_smile:

It was the same situation for me. I used a friend’s monitor for the initial setup. A nice way of solving the problem. Recommend it. :slight_smile:

You probably don’t need to be connected to your network for the initial setup.

Maybe you could bring device into work?