Blu Ray to FLAC?

Not sure where to put this. Is there any way to get the audio from a Blu ray disc into FLAC or some other format I can get on my Roon SSD?

Yes, there are a few software programs that will allow you to rip the Blu-ray and save the audio file as flac. Google search, then choose the software you are most comfortable with. I personally do not know of any free ones that are any good.

You want Make MKV–free in beta. Use it to “back up” bluray,

then: use DVD Audio Extractor to extract to flac-free to try. Worth buying after trial.


Yes…but I prefer XRECODE 3 for more explicit info on the data. Try both and see for yourself.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Edit: only windows? :pensive:

So will I.

…similar to the above… AnyDVD HD and DVD Audio Extractor. I was just doing some rips last night from Blu Ray and DVD Audio discs…

Confirmed - both work extremely well on a Mac, and Roon handles the multi-channel files without any issues afterwards, if that is your thing.

I use MakeMKV in combination with foobar2000 to go from bluray to flac. It requires a fair amount of work to fill out the metadata, but since I was already using foobar2000 for such things it was the path of least resistance for me. Plus I don’t rip blurays all that often, so it’s tolerable (recently ripped the Abbey Road Deluxe Edition bluray)

As noted, makemkv is superb and the go-to package for the initial import. MKVToolNixGUI and gMKVExtractGUI are invaluable additional tools for post-processing, as well as ffmpeg. I’m not sure that a full tutorial on this would be within forum rules, but it’s very straightforward.

Do you need any kind of special Bluray drive for all of this?

Not as far as I know - I use one of these for CD and Blu-ray rips with Make MKV and DVD Audio Extractor, works like a charm:

I use a Pioneer BDR-XD07TS with my iMac. It’s a USB3 device and works just fine for me.

Thanks, guys. Lot of discussion about specific drives on the MakeMKV forum, but it all seems to be a couple of years old.

After several no-name Chinese imports from Amazon, I got this:

It’s large, sturdy and fast. Quite a beast!

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