BlueOS 3.8.13 anyone?

Anyone have the nerve to try the latest firmware? I’ve been relatively happy with 3.8.8 on my NAD C658 and would like not to regress…

Yep, no issues on my Pulse 2, Mini and flex. No Neil Young in the UK though

Problem free on NAD M10
Fear not!

Same here, no probs on M10

when grouping my node2 and digione, I get networking issues, dropouts, general mayhem. In the past I had no issues when grouping these two different device types

If you have the HDM-2 MDC, I would hold off. I updated my C658 last night and ARC seems to be glitchy. Audio from the HDM-2 sources is fine.

A re index and reboot of the node 2i resolved my issues and now all well

I was thinking of purchasing the M10, but lots of folks are having issues with it working with Roon. I saw your post. All is good?

Problem free.

Both M10 and Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i5, connected via internet computer but “talk to each other” via wifi.

People seem to have competing settings somewhere along the chain. Operating system (Windows 10 especially I’ve read), Roon (asking way more of dac like DSD) and conflicts within Tidal/Qobuz … I run both within Roon only).

Bluesound is a good app within itself. You should have tears of delight with the M10.

Just keep in mind it’s not officially supported/certified.

Here’s the link to the full list:

I have a C658 and it shows as “Uncertified”, but seems to work fine; YMMV.

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Have you set volume safety limits?