Bluesound Hub is comming

Bluesound Hub

Didn’t see any mention of Roon though.

However still looks interesting.

Got super excited when I saw it announced a few days ago. Then started resding and found that it only streams to Bluesound speakers and has no audio outputs at the back.

Disappointing there is no USB input.

There is one. Put it’s just that… input. You can probably attach a DAC to feed the hub and stream to your Bluesound ecosystem.

This is from the HUB manual:

USB (TYPE A) Use the USB (Type A) port for manual software upgrades. This is only necessary in specific cases with authorization from the Bluesound Support Crew. The USB (Type A) port on the HUB does not support external USB mass storage devices.

To be fair, I get their decision not to add audio output capabilities to this cheaper device. It would have significantly affected the sales of Node streamers.

I was hoping for direct USB input from a computer. I have an M33 and the cost of the MDC card for USB input is ridiculous. Retail list in Canada is $799 just for the card.