Bluesound Node 2i

(Ethan Garner) #42

Airplay 2 is Finally coming to bluesound.

Bluesound’s Generation 2i Speakers and Home Theater Systems to Receive AirPlay 2 Update on December 11

(Tino M) #43

Hello all!
As far as I have undertood, almost all Bluesound Gear is able to accept an analog input, and is able to stream it to other Bluesound units.
Now I wonder, if I have Roon controlling Bluesound Gear, is it possible to stream that analog input to other than Bluesound Roon endpoints, eg a Raspberry Pi?

(Chris ) #44

You can group Roon Ready endpoints from different manufacturers. RAAT protocol.
You can group Meridian with Meridian, Sonos with SONOS etc but not Meridian with Sonos or RAAT endpoints.
I have a Meridian endpoint feeding the optical input on a Pulse Mini that I can connect wireless or wired to my Pulse flex. Whilst another Meridian is grouped to the first and I get perfect synced results.

Has that made it clear?

If you have Bluesound, you don’t need a raspberry pi to feed Roon to it.

(Tino M) #45

Thank you, but I think that was not my question. Let’s do it this way… Hypothethically, because I do not have that gear yet:
I have a RPi endpoint in the kitchen. I want to stream an analog source into the kitchen and to the bathroom, where there is a bluesound loudspeaker.
The analog source is in the living room, together with a Node2i, feeding the node. I know that I can listen to that analog source in the bathroom, but…
can i group the bathroom and the kitchen to listen to the analog source?

(Chris ) #46

Are you asking, Can I group a Rasbery Pi with a Bluesound Node in Roon?


I think the question is in effect whether one can group a Bluesound initiated stream with a Roon RAAT stream? In which case the answer is no, though it’s a neat idea. The Roon way to solve this is via an internet radio stream from the analogue device - there’s some posts around about this somewhere.

(Tino M) #48

Well, OK so there are three questions:

  1. Can I group a Bluesound Roon Endpoint with an RPi Roon Endpoint?
  2. Some Bluesound gear allows for an external (analog, Bluetooth, optical digital) input instead of playing music from the server or stream. Can I manage that input in Roon?
  3. IF i use that external Input, and IF I can group Bluesound and RPi Endpoints, can I direct that input to other than only Bluesond endpoints?

Did I make myself clear?

(Tino M) #49

Thanks. I’ll have to look out for those Posts…

Of course I could do it using exclusively Bluesound devices (and ditching Roon for that), however, those speakerless “Endpoints” are too expensive for certain applications :frowning_face: