Bluesound Node 2i

(Chris ) #62

With Bluesound you can use Roon (Hard wired via a basic switch is best) also the BluOS app.

(Coltrane) #63

What I still do not understand, despite extensive research online, how best to get the music from the core into the amp? Do I need a streamer, DAC, Rasperry Pi, “switch” as you say…? To me a Node sounds like an affordable and all in one gadget that would do it for me?
As my speakers are not that great, I do not care about fantastic SQ at the moment. I rather want to get rid of my large CD collection, and move everything onto a HDD.

@Chrislayeruk I would only use Roon and not BluOS app as that is the whole point of getting roon, isnt it? I want to browse through my collection…:wink:

(Chris ) #64

The knowledge base is your friend.

The node should be a Roon endpoint and Roon will see it in the app.

(Martin Kelly) #65

Have you thought about a Google Chromecast Audio? They’re cheap-as-chips, and you might still get one. Google discontinued the CCA earlier this year, but you still might be able to find one in the shops.
The CCA connects to your wireless network via WiFi, and you have the choice of either analogue output via 3.5mm jack, or even optical via Mini TOSLINK if you prefer.
The only ‘proviso’ with the CCA is that you’re limited to a maximum of 88.2khz via the TOSLINK. A recent firmware change to the CCA has made it impossible to play back 96khz material without ‘gaps’ or ‘stutters’. But otherwise it works perfectly, and it’s gapless via Roon too.
I use one to feed my Chord Hugo TT for headphone listening, and it’s been a good buy.

(Coltrane) #66

could I just plug the GCA via toslink into my amp and be all set?
Sorry, I know this is about Bluesound, just asking.

(Martin Kelly) #67

Yes. All you need is a Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK cable.
Roon will detect the CCA as an endpoint on your WiFi network.

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(Coltrane) #68

wow, all together for 30€.
Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try, even though I normally try to stay away from google products.

(Martin Kelly) #69

Perhaps this discussion now needs to be moved by the mods?

But here’s something worth reading:

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(Coltrane) #70

Yes, I saw this.
Does that mean that a Chromecast audio and a good DAC (e.g. Topping d50 for 250€) kind of replaces a Bluenode 2i?
Of course it does not entirely… But for what I am looking for it would do the job.
Thank you all, back to Bluesound…

(Martin Kelly) #71

Yes, sort of. Just be aware of the maximum sampling rate that the CCA provides/supports?
You’ll have to set your Roon core to downsample everything at 96khz+ in your library, to 88.2khz or less before it is sent to the CCA. Which is actually straightforward enough to do.

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(Coltrane) #72

one last question. I suspect you need a google app to set the chromecast up. Do you need a login to do so, a gmail account? I would not like to go that route.

Thanks for your advice.

(Martin Kelly) #73

Yes, you need a Google account to activate the CCA.
That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a gmail address (you can use a non-gmail email address to create/open a Google account), but you will need to formally engage with Google to make it work.

(Christian) #74

Does anyone know it the Node 2i will get official certification with ROON? Still a little bit disappointed as I found out that it is not officially supported.

(Chris Burtis) #75

Downloaded the updated IOS BluOS app yesterday and it included a software update for my Pulse Flex 2i devices. They now show as fully Roon ready. A quick test this evening revealed that the sync issues seem to be resolved. Skipped around different tracks, albums, and bit rates. A couple of times it took a few seconds for music to start playing but when it did, it was locked in on all my speakers. :clap::clap::clap:


(John Calvert) #76

Yes, the sync issue seems to be fixed.

The LONG delay (sometimes 15+ seconds) on starting playback (either when grouped or not grouped) remains and is infuriating.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #77

Question: how is your Node 2i connected to your Roon Core? Wired or wireless?

(John Calvert) #78

I’ve tried both, same issue. I’m typically running with it wireless.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #79

Interesting. Thanks. In the past, my Node 2i had issues with its wireless connectivity, but when wired, everything worked great. Probably depends on something in the network topology.

(John Calvert) #80

Did you ever get resolution on the wireless problem? The “i” models were supposed to have much improved wireless over the previous generation.

Did you have wireless issues with the unit when using BS native app or just Roon?

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #81

I did not. I ended up taking it into my office and using it for work, playing FLAC tracks from a NAS device (i.e. not with Roon). My Node 2i is on a wired connection in my office.

I reported my wireless issues to Bluesound and it’s possible things are better.