Bluesound Professional - Roon Ready?

Does anyone know if the Bluesound BSP 500 or BSP 1000 are Roon Ready. These are outdoor speakers and would be great to marry up with Bluesound consumer products. I am assuming they run the same Blueos software. These products seem to be sold only to commercial applications. However this is the only outdoor Roon Ready (potentially) product I have been ever able to find.

I own quite a bit of Bluesound and NAD BluOS enabled gear and just stumbled across this stuff. They must be doing one of the worst PR jobs ever for me not to have been aware of it. I have the same question, can we add this stuff to our existing Roon systems with BluOS endpoints? Some of it looks like PSB parts - not suprising.

Bluesound got back to me saying they are not Roon Ready like their other gear.

I got the same response. I get it - but for using outdoor speakers the way most people will use them, the BluOS app works fine. I wonder why they don’t just make the same IP65 approved speakers available on the consumer side.

An odd decision by Bluesound. I would buy two pairs of the 1000’s and install them this weekend if they were Roon Ready. Another music app would not be popular with me or my Wife.

I have 2 pairs of the BSP1000’s and can confirm they are not Roon certified so I can’t enable them in the Roon interface. However I can add them to an existing Bluesound Roon certified device and still use Roon to stream music to them. Since they are outdoor this works for now, but would be great if they eventually get certified.

Thanks for confirming what I suspected. Makes no sense but oh well. Do you know of any room ready outdoor speakers?

Those BSP1000, if you can compare them to the standard BlueSound speakers with which one are those comparable? For our new house I was looking into the Pro series as they are POE and have a wall mount included (some of them) which makes them perfect for us. I was thinking of gouping them with a node so I can stream to them using Roon. Not the cheapest solution but still for outdoor and some other places in house a good solution.

Probably close to the Pulse.

These speakers are essentially these PSB outdoor speakers modified with the BlueOS streaming components. psb is a sister brand.

Last time i contacted Bluesound – these speakers are not compatible with Roon

But if you group them with a node then the node would be te master and then it should work, although you probaly can’t control volume etc. of the speakers

Hmmm. Not being able to control the volume on an outdoor speaker? My neighbors would love me.

Add another to the list that wishes they would make these Roon ready. The flexibility of being able to add another speaker with just an ethernet drop is too tempting. They even have a networked subwoofer (that does also require mains voltage) that digs down to 22Hz that would be a great addition to a couple of my rooms I did not prepare for a subwoofer for.

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Adding myself to this list. I desperately want PoE speakers that are outdoor rated. Anyone find an alternative option yet?