Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR+ Forcing "Music" Listening Mode w/ Roon

Recently purchased one of these soundbars for my office TV and realized an irritating quirk. Every time I start playing music on the soundbar from Roon, even when I change the album or song that I’m playing, the soundbar will revert to its “Music” listening mode (EQ). Why would that be a problem, you ask? It sound different (and worse IMO) than the “Off” listening mode, even with all the settings tweaks disabled.

The app and the web GUI allow for setting listening mode preferences based on the input (Customize Sources) such as bluetooth, analog, optical, and HDMI ARC. I have requested that Bluesound add Roon to that list of inputs, and make sure whatever defaults that are set on that page stick. I don’t think Roon wants a Roon Ready device to change listening modes on you (changing how your music sounds) every time you start a listening session or change tracks. I figured I would echo my concern here in case anyone else has anything to add. I purchased Roon to have control of my music, and avoid EQ unless I choose to use it.

Other than this issue, once I struggled through the setup to ensure it could play back all my movie rips off my plex server, if I could solve this one small issue it would be a perfect solution for my setup.

I do have a question for users of the Node/Powernode 3 (2021 model). Does your device do the same thing and force the Music listening mode when using Roon? I would presume it might, as my device is more or less a soundbar with a mini node shoved inside of it.