Bluesound Pulse Soundbar with RAAT?


can anyone point me to a definitive answer as to whether the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar (not the 2i) will function as a RAAT endpoint?

I’m considering moving away from a Sonos Playbar and can source a first gen Pulse Soundbar fairly cheaply. I want to use it as a RAAT endpoint to group with Raspberry Pi’s and some Powernodes, hence the move from a Sonos unit.

Is this officially RAAT endpoint capable? What caveats should I be aware of?

Hi Craig,

I have the Bluesound Pulse Mini (not 2i) and it is Roon Ready and works great. I assume the same could be said for your Pulse Soundbar. However, I won’t say for sure.

I would contact Bluesound and ask them.

Cheers, Greg

Craig: I have the Pulse Soundbar (not the 2i). It is identified as Roon Ready in my Roon app. I don’t use it for music very often, but haven’t had any problems doing so.

Hi @Craig_Joyce,
I have both Bluesound Pulse Soundbar (1st gen) and Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i.
Both work fine with Roon RAAT.
One is grouped with a Bluesound Node 2 and the other with an RPi with an Allo Boss DAC HAT running RoPieee.
For me there are no caveats.