Bluesound vault library

How do I see and control my library on my vault from Roon?

Start here. The knowledge basics are a good place to start depending on your setup.

Thats an interesting question, as i too have a Vault. However, i dont use it as a NAS due to it’s slow transfer times. Instead i use it as a backup for my most valued tracks from my main NAS, a QNAP which is also my Roon server.

But there shouldnt be an issue, just add \vault\shared\Music
to your Shares section in Roon.

Not sure i understand what you refer to here, please elaborate?

If can elaborate on your setup, that would helpful.

PC or Mac, NUC
using an NAS .
Remote devices (iphone/ipad)
endpoints/ players
music Storage HDD, SSD

MACbook air,ipad and Bluesound vault connected to preamp. Not sure about other terms.Im trying to see me vault’s ripped library on Roon. Sorry for my ignorance but this is new to me

MACBook should work for your core
ipad for your roon remote
Bluesound Vault 2???

I don’t much about the Bluesound, so hopefully someone who has one can weigh in. Per Bluesounds website, Vault 2 appears compatible. It would be your endpoint.


Flagging support for you since I don’t know much about the Bluesound interface.

No problem, were all new at some point!

If you install Roon on your MacBook Air you should be able to add your Blusound unit as i tried to describe it in my previous post. Im not sure its the best solution however.
The Bluesound Vault need to be connected to your LAN, and i suppose your MBA in wirelessly connected.
When you have added your Vault share to the Roon Server it will index the contents of your Vault. This will take a while…
When the database has completed indexing you ”should” be able to select the Vault as the output device and play.
The issue here is that you retrive the file from the Vault to the MBA, over both LAN and WLAN, and then utilise Roons network protocol to send the unpacked file back to the Vault oven tha same narrow interface as it is retrieved from.

If you add the Roon app to your iPad that wont make any significant difference in this scenario. If this is to work, you need to have excellent network connectivity.

Hi @Ricardo_Caride ---- Thank you for the report.

Moving forward, I wanted to first touch base and see if any progress has been made in regard to accessing the contents of your Bluesound Vault. Secondly, I did a bit of research into the Vault and according to Bluesound support page the vault should appear as a network device in Windows Explorer or OSX Finder. Can you verify if you are able to see/access the unit via the Finder on the MacBook air?


I WAS able to connect my vault. Thank you. Do you have any idea why my iPad keeps losing connection? It does it even when right next to my Mac core

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If your WLAN is struggling then this is probably what you will see. :confused: