Bluesound Vault question

Hello, Roon newbie here, though i have been in the audio/video business for nearly forty years. A couple of questions. i have a Bluesound Vault 2. can the CD’s i rip on this machine find their way into my Roon library? My other question is i have a new in the box Mac Mini from now two generations ago. Can that be used as my core machine, or is a Nuc a better choice, or a Roon Nucleus? Lastly, i have a QNAP two bay NAS machine. Is that suitable to store my library? Thank you.

According to this article you should be able to.

Should work like a charm. No need to get anything else. You might want to upgrade the ram to 8gb if it is not already.

Sure. I am assuming this is in addition to the ripped CDs on the Vault

Thanks very much for your help. im eager to get my system going!