Bluetooth MAC address shown somewhere please

@spockfish Harry can we get the BT MAC address listed somewhere…maybe Information or Network tabs. Some systems dont seem to pick up the Ropieee host name. i.e My MBP on MacOS 11.1 only shows MAC addresses, but the iPhone seems to pick up the Ropieee defined host name.

Of course this could also be a bug…your end apple maybe not sure :wink:

Doesn’t the more info button show the MAC address already, at least for DHCP?

For Wifi and Ethernet yes but not Bluetooth

Looks like a macOS issue more than Ropieee but still be good to see the MAC address


Oh, right, sorry. :upside_down_face:

Just checked my Windows 10 laptop and it is fine. As you say, iOS is also fine.

Not as convenient, but you could just check on the RoPieee itself:

2021-01-31 21_05_42-Window

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