Bluetooth transmitter with USBridge Sig

I would like to find a way to use my bluetooth headphones with my system. I am running Roon Rock on a nuc into a USBridge Signature, running Ropieee, and RME ADI2 DAC. Is is possible to simply plug a USB bluetooth transmitter into one of the ports on either the nuc or USBridge? I suspect not as these are both on the digital side of the DAC, but maybe there is some aspect of this I am not aware of.

Your phone or tablet would be the better bet I think.

anyone found any bluetooth transmitter that can handle 441000+ via usb

If you want to get a little deep into Alsa… you’ll need to load dietpi or Raspberry OS… something that has full access and Alsa support…

Then you can use alsaloop to send the Roon stream out of the bluetooth module on the Pi. Bit of a mess but I did get it working a long while back. Such a mess I never documented the BT side but here is how to get alsaloop working

A BT dongle may show-up as a “DAC” and, at that point, it’d just be another endpoint in Roon.

However, as other poster said… skip all this. BT on a Pi is a bit of a PITA. Just load Roon on your phone, pair headphones to phone, and use phone as endpoint. It’s far simpler and more stable and may sound better too depending on what BT CODECs your phone supports.