BluOS 2.18.0 and Roon

BluOS 2.18.0 Release Notes:

Includes the following Roon notes:

  • Ability to play MQA files via Roon
  • Updated Spotify and Roon core libraries

Anyone know what exactly “updated core libraries” means?

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In the case of Roon, specifics like the version of RAAT has been updated to bring it in line with Roon. That helps with the discovery of MQA which is partly why BluOS suddenly recognises MQA via Roon.

I wonder which setting is the one to go for:

“Renderer only”
“Decoder and Renderer”


@optimaxi I think you set the Bluesound device to “Renderer Only” so that Roon does the first unfold and the Bluesound device does the second and final unfold. My sense is that these settings take advantage of the special sauce that Roon has elicited from the MQA process. Others may care to chip in with their thoughts!


Thank you for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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@rianvdm I wondered about that statement in bold as well. Here’s what a Bluesound product manager told me:
Updating the Spotify libraries indicates that the BluOS app/players themselves are now using a more updated Spotify implementation - which means the Spotify experience will be much better.

Roon libraries indicates the same thing.

Hopefully this answers your questions!


This is how it’s set automatically, you don’t have to do anything. My Pulse 2 sounds amazing with MQA material…

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Yeah, it looks like they enabled the renderer with Roon, but perhaps not the Core Decoder. Not sure why, but it’s not a big deal since Roon can perform the Core Decode. Set it to Renderer Only and enjoy :slight_smile: