BluOS MDC sound quality vs. Roon

Hi All,
I’m using NAD M12 (digital DAC / preamplifier) with BluOS MDC extension module, which gives me two options how to control the device. First is BluOS control application communicating directly via network with M12 and second is Roon infrastructure (Mac Mini i7 as a core). My source is almost 100 % Tidal. Functionally both options work as expected, without any problems. However, sound quality is worse with Roon, even when I switch off any DSP / signal processing on Roon core. Sound quality via BluOS is very good, true high-end, I’d say. Unfortunately, via Roon it is almost as good, but voices are thinner with some tin edge. I was educated at Head-fi forum, that this sound signature is typically caused by some R/F noise. Could the Mac Mini be so bad, to influence sound quality that bad?

So to be clear your using your mac mini as core and this is on your network as well as the NAD being on the network and your adding the NAD BluOs Roon option as an endpoint in the Roon core. Your not hard connecting the mac to the NAD in anyway?

Yes, as you write. Mac Mini is not connected directly to M12.

Mystery solved, see my post at Bypassing RAAT?