BluOS Metadata Display

This is by no means a showstopper, but I have noticed that song title, performer, and album title metadata displays oddly (on an NAD M32), when streaming via Roon, when compared with BluOS or Spotify Connect.

When streaming through BluOS or Spotify Connect, the song title is displayed on the first line (using a larger font), the performer on the second, and the album title on the third (which is vertically spaced using a taller gap than is found between the first and second lines). This display looks clean, and logical.

When streaming through Roon, multiple metadata fields are concatenated on each line. And metadata is seemingly being repeated on multiple lines. Consequently, the screen is trying to display too much info on each line, and in an odd order (artist info is displayed on the first line in the larger font, then repeated on the next line, concatenated with song title). It would be interesting to learn if this display format is intentional, or buggy.

I am going to do some experimentation, to see if song/album artist or composer/performer might account for the seemingly redundant fields.