BluOS Module and Roon Ready

Hi @brian

The website for the BluOS module says “Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi operate in asynchronous mode for lowest jitter performance”

Is that correct? Is RoonReady and RAAT over ethernet asynchronous?

It’s really a non-issue but just wondered if it’s a typo on their website - it’s isochronous but not asynchronous right?


Whoops, it’s not a typo, just my misunderstanding.

The answer is here: RAAT and clock ownership

It’s so cool that their integrated Amp/DACs that are 5+ years old can be upgraded with the BluOS module and brought into 2017 with RoonReady-ness.

Their modular design way back then was quite forward thinking.

Now support MQA for real and where done :ok_hand:

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