Blurb about compositions not visible in 1.8

Hello, from my Roon mobile app I cannot see the description of any Composition. I cannot verify now but this may also be a problem from the desktop app since 1.8 was launched.

Could you please verify?
Other than that I am very happy with the new update, thanks!!

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I post a screenshot from my mobile as an example. The piano sonata Hammerklavier has no description, contrarily to the situation with v. 1.7

No issue with the desktop app

I copy support @mike for information. Thanks for looking into it. It would be nice to have back that functionality for the mobile app.

Yup, it will be back. Thanks for letting us know!

Great Thanks!

Hello @mike , I just want to flag that this has not been addressed by the latest update of v. 1.8…
thanks for taking it into consideration for the next round

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