Blutooth Problem combination of Roon with Hifiman Deva Pro

Hello Roon Community,

I have a problem with playing Roon Music over my Android LG V40 Phone to the Hifiman Deva pro via Bluetooth. Roon works perfectly over the Speaker in the Phone but over Bluetooth to the Deva Pro Headphone it stops Playing after about 20 to 30 seconds. Roon says “Audiofle is loading slow. This clould be an indicator of performance or Hardware Problems”. Other Blutoothdevices work fine. But the Deva is the first which is connnected via LDAC, which is fine because of the best sound with this connection.

I dont know what else I clould do? For me LDAC is the way to go. Other Codecs sound worse.
Maybe somebody has an idea what I could try or do?


My Systen is on a Roon Rock and works flawless everywhere else in the house, even with firr Filters and EQ. So there are no performance problems from this side.