Book recommendations

The other day I came across Neil Young’s book about making the Pono in a thread about his music being removed from Tidal. I read the preview and it tickled my fancy enough to get it.

It then struck me that there is probably a great wealth of knowledge lurking on these forms and in addition to people recommending albums, speakers or dubious cables then why not audio/music related books.

Feel the music

Works as it’s both partially by a musician and appeals to the audiophile as it delves into technical details.

Ideally books would hit both marks, but only one of the two would doubtless work for many.


I like this idea but this book hits neither mark, very good read though. It’s Bass Culture: when reggae was king by Lloyd Bradley. More history book.

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That works, about music / by a musician about music is really what I meant.

Will check it out, it’s basically an extension of enjoying liner notes. Getting more context about the music.

I find with most things in life, the more you know about them the more you can appreciate them.


Great idea.

Just getting through this book about Blue Note Records.

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That looks great, not quite music history but still in the realm of increasing ones appreciating of music I am now reading Floyd Toole’s book, Sound reproduction. It is heavy on the science / graphs but well written enough to be enjoyable to read. I couldn’t sleep one night and thought it would do the trick to lull me to bed, but was up for a good hour and half reading before I thought putting the book down and trying to sleep might be a better avenue.



A history of Western music by Donald Jay Grout

Started reading The Rest Is Noise, enjoying it it thus far and it reminded me of the Teaching Company course I listened to years ago by Robert Greenberg, how to listen to and understand great music.

I don’t see the point of a video, but below is the new version, I think one can find the audio only version elsewhere. I doubt there is any reason to go for the newer vs original.

For anyone that feels like they don’t know enough about chamber music and always wanted to know more I can highly recommend both.

Finished this graphic novel during our first lock down here. A brief history of electronic music.

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