Bookmarking and Editing Labels

I have a bookmark created for albums from a particular label (Sarah Records). I manually added the label to a few albums a while ago but I noticed I made a mistakes which I am trying to manually fix. All of the albums I want to change are unidentified by Roon. I went into each album and select Prefer Roon Data from my manual entry. However, the album remain listed in the bookmark. I tried restarting Roon but the album is still listed in the bookmark.

Since these albums are all unidentified, I assume by selecting Prefer Roon Data there shouldnt be a label? If so, why do the albums continue to show up in my bookmark?

Here is what I had to do to make this work:

Create a new label (Independent)
Uncheck Prefer Roon Data
Check the manual entry but uncheck the blue rectangle that had my manual entry

I think the issue here may be that you’re misunderstanding this:

Roon’s editing model has 3 layers: automatically retrieved Roon metadata, file tags, and edits you make in Roon. Telling Roon to prefer something just means that data will be used if it exists.

Also, for fields that can have multiple values (like genres or labels), custom edits are actually totally separate, since you could conceivably want to prefer Roon’s metadata and want to use your own “custom” labels or genres.

Since these albums are unidentified, telling Roon to prefer the data probably isn’t actually doing anything :expressionless: You can confirm why the bookmark isn’t updating by checking the album’s Credits tab – I assume the label is still appearing there.

What you need to do is remove the label – you can do this from the album edit screen (by unchecking the label), or from the bulk album editing screen, by typing in the name of the label and bulk removing it.

Note that when we looked into this we did notice an issue when bulk removing labels, which is that “custom” labels you’ve created don’t show up in the autocomplete listing. You can still type the label name and remove it, and we’re going to open a ticket for the autocomplete thing too.

Thanks for the question @tboooe!