Bookmarks and browsers: bug or as designed?

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

eero mesh network connected to a Netgear switch

Connected Audio Devices

Playing from the core

Number of Tracks in Library

about 13,000 tracks

Description of Issue

  1. In either album or track view create a bookmark with no focus, tag or favorite criteria selected (i.e., your whole library is showing). Save it and label it “Focus Reset” or something similar.
  2. In that same view, manually add focus criteria to narrow search results. Note which criteria are listed at the top of the album/track display.
  3. Apply your saved Focus Reset bookmark. Note that all focus criteria have been removed and your whole library is showing.
  4. Select another view from the side panel; Album/Track (whichever is not in use), Playlists, History, etc.
  5. From the side panel, select either Album or Track view (whichever one was used to create the Focus Reset bookmark).

What happens: Instead of the bookmarked view that was last in use (Focus Reset; all library items showing), the previous manually set focus search becomes active.

What should happen: Roon should have forgotten all about the manually set up focus search. The album or track view should. be showing all library items.

NB: It’s possible that this is designed behavior (why?) because no other saved bookmark search will stick, either.

Problem caused by this issue: I want to quickly clear a focus search with lots of criteria by using the reset bookmark. When I return to the album/track view I expect the last applied bookmark to be in effect; I don’t want to have to apply it again, or worse, manually delete each and every criterion from the manual focus search.

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I’m curious as to the answer myself. I think it might be unintended design consequences. The majority of users will have applied a restrictive Album Filter, then click Artist and then click back to Albums. In those cases, the restrictive filter is gone and the whole album section is available. That way, users won’t be confused because they forgot a filter is active.

Bookmarks are actually treated as distinct in your navigation history – they’re not just filters applied on top of a browser. In practice this means loading a bookmark doesn’t clobber your current focus.

It also means you could have multiple bookmarks for a given browser, navigate to each bookmark, and then use the back and forward navigation controls to move between the different views, comparing the content you’re seeing in each :magic_wand:

To see this in action, go through your description above but add a 6th step to where you click your “focus reset” bookmark again, then use :arrow_backward: and :arrow_forward: to move between the two pages.

Point being, in step 5 you’re not navigating to the bookmark. You clicked Albums, and since you never cleared the criteria you’re seeing “album browser as you previous left it” – ie, the state from step 2.

We designed this many, many years ago, and it mostly just works – it just feels a bit weird when the bookmark you’re expecting to see is more like a default view.

That said, I definitely understand your case here @Jeff_Bellune, even if I can’t make any promises about changes in this area – as a workaround you probably just want to click the “reset” bookmark in Step 5 instead of navigating via the sidebar.


Thanks for the detailed explanation, Mike.

So as I understand things now, if I want a “virgin” album display from the sidebar, I would have to select the reset bookmark, then add a focus item, then delete that focus item. Is that correct?

Hi Jeff,

I think Mike is saying that, after #4 in your list above that you select the appropriate “Reset Bookmark” instead of using the Album or Track options from the side panel.


But if I then go to Playlists, then Tracks, then Artists, then Albums (directly from the sidebar because I don’t want to wade back through my history) I’ll be presented with the 38 focus criteria from when I searched for blonde lead singers in girl bands from the 80s that aren’t the Go-Gos.

Or, for what you want, “then Reset Bookmark”, instead. You are essentially replacing the Album sidebar option with your Bookmark.

You could just replace the sidebar options, with unfocused Album, Artist, Tracks and Playlist bookmarks; and don’t use the Sidebar at all for these. In fact you can turn the sidebar off. And, just use these Bookmarks, which means you will always go to a non-focused screen.

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