'bookmarks' for albums - i.e. remember last track played

Hey, I’m old. I grew up listening to whole albums at a time rather than using playlist. Is it possible to listen to say, a few tracks in an album and somehow automatically note the position - so after being distracted and going off to listen to a couple of other tracks that someone has alerted me to or whatever, there is the option to resume playing the album from where I left off rather either starting from the beginning or having to mental remember?

My Stuff - History

As long as it’s not too far back (which makes scrolling tedious), you can do this by scrolling back in the play queue. The rest of an interrupted album shows as skipped tracks and you can “play from here” or expand it, have a look, and click some other track in the album to “play from here”

It’s also possible to display track counts, which, depending upon how you listen to albums, might be able to be used to tell where you left off, even if it was long ago.

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Wow, great answers, thanks

In a year or so or using Roon I never even knew about “My Stuff/History”, nor the Skipped Tracks in the Queue History. I’m still trying to figure out how to use Track Counts

I guess I ought to listen to music less and go explore more :slight_smile:

That’s three new things I’ve learned today, and all before breakfast!

Thanks guys.