Boot loop issue

Hi Harry

i have yet another boot loop issue. I woke this morning to find my main unit constantly rebooting. This is the 2nd time its done this as well as once for my 2nd unit. Last time this happened was just as you released the webpage update. The only cure seems to completely rebuild the card. What could be causing this as I have no way to send feedback for this. Did you send out an update last night? Could it be my sd cards fried, if so why is it so long between times as its over a month since the main unit did it the first time.


This is weird. Yes, I pushed out an update yesterday. So the timing is very suspicious to say the least.

What causes this I think is indeed a fried SD card. The system is going to perform a rebuild of the filesystem (and reboots after it’s attempt), but it is apparently failing.

Now the annoying part is that

  1. I can’t reproduce this because I don’t have a clue on how to ‘force’ a SD card getting fried
  2. I don’t know a way for you to get out of the boot loop.

The only thing that we can do is try to repair it offline, but that requires you to have access to a linux system where you can place the SD card in :frowning:

One more thing: as you’re basically the only one that has this (and now for the second time), could you give me some information on your type of SD card? Brand and size?


If he does a clean install to the same SD card and everything turns out fine, does that rule out a fried SD card?

Or a fried SD card is still possible even then?

I think I had this situation a month or 2 back…I used a new card and all was fine but the old card also is still fine in a refreshed setup - maybe not as RoPieee now tho…I forget.

I think both cards are Kingston one in main unit is 8gb the other one is 4gb. I got it to work again by just rebuilding the SD card. Odd that the card would fail on updating but not when writing new image and I have had this on two separate units with different types of card. Also you did push out some small updates since the last build of the beta image I am sure so those all worked to.

Ill look to get some new SD cards and see if that stops it from happening again.

How big was the update. Could it be a read/write or heat issue?
I have had cards seem to fry due to overheating during copying large file sets to them. Once they cool off they work again (mostly). But the files need to be copied again, in smaller batches, It happens with certain card card/slot combos in my systems.

Not sure if this helps or not…

As everyone here probably knows, killing power to an SBC without shutting down OS might (possibly) result in frying the card. An action that wouldn’t occur if OS was on eMMC. If you can do that, that would be my advice to stop this problem.

I have the same problem. I have been travelling for the last week and when I came back, my PI was in this continuous boot loop. I will get a new card and try to solve this, but please let me know if you want some more information regarding my card, setup etc!

I’ve had some issues with some of RoPieee’s auto-updates (most have been known issues experienced by others too - beta phase, so that’s all good of course)

Before anyone buys a new SD card (yes, I know they’re cheap) I recommend a clean install.

Whenever it was suggested my SD card was fried previous times, a clean install had everything working again, until a follow auto-update caused issues.

The same SD card has been used for a long while. I think the first time I had an issue I threw the SD card out, before trying a clean install - that’s the only SD card I’ve replaced and I probably didn’t have to.

Won’t cost you any dollars to do a clean install - the same time would be required to create a new SD card anyway.

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Sorry to hear this.

Do you think it’s possible you film this boot loop for me?
I really would like to see what’s actually happening…


Sure, no problem! Movie shot with my cellphone available for download here:

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Much appreciated @ChristianK!

Unfortunately this confirms what I was afraid of: for some reason a filesystem error occurs, resulting in reboot (it goes to ‘emergency mode’), and then the whole cycle begins all over again.

I need to rethink this. My choice of filesystem used is rather progressive, and it might be better to take a more conservative route here.

But thanks again, and sorry for this.

I’ll release a new beta image with the more conservative approach this weekend.