Bootloop on 2023.01.1

Boots nice and well, connects to Roon core, but reboots after half a minute or so…


What I see are a lot of ‘undervoltage’ messages…
Which could very well contribute to the spontaneous reboots.

Have you switched power supplies or something like that?


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It’s the official 2.5A 5.1V Raspberry power adapter. But now when you mention it, the yellow flash seems to appear every now and then…

(Which is odd, the original adapter should be enough…)

I will try to find something with even more Ampere…

Thank you (as always) for the quick reply.

Is it a rpi3 or rpi4? For pi4 3A 5.1V is needed

rpi 3, so should be on the safe side (or maybe I’m missing something…)