Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex uncertified

haha yeah same question.

Still have the glitch on synchronisation at cold start (i.e. when I send music to two devices when they have not been playing) but it goes away after pausing the music and restarting…

That doesn’t sound acceptable to me for a Roon Certified product. Have you asked B&W about the issue?

I Have only last week mailed them & they gave me the same answer as they did in February (The Formation Flex will soon be a certified Roon device) they don’t care about you or me i have been very disappointed with B&W over the last few years…

I didn’t. I gave up after my conversation with them regarding their Formation series being too “noisy” - a lot of calling home (5 calls per minute), setting itself up as wireless access point (i.e. signal interference) etc., which I might do a long post about when I have time - in this particular case it’s even harder for them to test given that in my case the two devices are (i) Formation Flex and (ii) Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i.

Really liked the company and Formation series look really nice but…

Presumably because Roon have flicked a switch on their side that says if the firmware version for the device is at the fight level then it can be shown as certified in the Roon app.

But it wasn’t ‘at the right level’ back in February, so still isn’t presumably? So one of two things has happened (pure conjecture on my part):

  1. Roon have Certified the February firmware as-is (via a change at their end) that isn’t quite up to Roon Ready Status (which devalues the whole purpose of Certification).
  2. Roon have extracted a hard promise from B&W to fix any issues by a cut-off date, so have given an interim Certified status to this product as-is. This would require new device firmware and possible retesting by Roon. This could be at an advanced state.

Neither of the above helps the end user at the moment.

Yes, 1 would seem to me to be the most likely, if an update was not required on the device.

Oh bugger. I’ve just bought one of these thinking that it would be Roon Certified after reading all the advertising and the instructions…

All of my other devices are. This was because my Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i drops out too much (others have the same issue) so I thought a fully certified B&W flex would be the answer.

Now I feel a bit cheated! Might have to send bacK!!!

And the Roon Website says it’s roon ready, but it’s not!!!

I got a email before the dead line where I would have had to register as a developer for mine to work saying it is now Certified with out been a developer so you should be good and sure enough shows as certified also has the flex icon.

Actually I was wrong, it does show up. I had to reset and re-add it.

On first connection roon did not recognise it, I updated the software, still did not.

But after software update and removing and re adding it shows up.

What dissappoints me though is that the sound is really not at all to my tastes.

It sounds to me harsh and forward, lifeless. I tried to reduce the treble with the tone controls in the app but still doesn’t sound right.

Also I can hear what sounds like over processing of the signal/some hash.

In comparison my Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i sounds more engaging and warm, carries a rhythm better and sounds more natural.

I know they are only small speakers for background but I was surprised by the start difference, for me at least!!!

Happy you got it sorted :slight_smile: Have to say i was a little disappointed at the start but for me i find close to a wall works better for my ears kinda in a corner brings out a-bit more … Enjoy Angus

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