Box set identified correctly - some songs wrong

I have a Box set that was identified correctly, just some files are wrong (and after listening to them, the file data of these files is correct - the Roon data is incorrect). It’s seems that the track length is correct, just the title (and artist) isn’t.
From the 200 songs there are about 15 wrong. In the image you can see there are 3 versions of the album, I already picked the best one).
What’s the best way to correct this? If I just change the title to the title of the file the composers and so on are still incorrect…

Have you tried “Prefer File” in the metadata section Title of the album , that should over ride Roon’s data

The metadata is from a third party source and may well be wrong , it could take a while to correct

Hi Mike,
thank you for your fast reply.
The “Prefer File” solves the problem with the filename, but not the problem(s) with the credit and therefore wrong composition. The song has Performer/Composer from the wrong and the correct file and is linked to the wrong composition.
I can’t set the setting for the credits just for one album/song, can I?
My general setting for Performer and Composer was “merge”. But just Roon, just File and merge - every version seems to have it problems…

Hi @Wolfgang_Schneider,

I think we’ll need to reach out to our metadata provider on this. Can you provide a list of the tracks that appear to be wrong? Please include the Disc #, Track #, Correct Track Title, and Title it’s currently showing in Roon.


Hi @Dylan
thank you for your reply - gonna put that list on tomorrow morning!

@Dylan Here is the list with the wrong tracks. If you have any further questions, I am right here :-):
Disc 01, Track 16: Roon: Killer Joe; Correct Title: Sherry
Disc 02, Track 07: Roon: Butterfly; Correct Title: Big girls don’t cry
Disc 02, Track 20: Roon: Come on, Let’s Go; Correct Title: Venus in blue jeans
Disc 03, Track 02: Roon: Hold what you got; Correct Title: Walk like a man
Disc 04, Track 16: Roon: Mama Said; Correct Title: Do you believe in magic
Disc 04, Track 18: Roon: Cindy’s Birthday; Correct Title: Candy girl
Disc 05, Track 07: Roon: Lazy Lady; Correct Title: Dawn (go away)
Disc 06, Track 06: Roon: I get so lonely; Correct Title: Oh Baby mine
Disc 06, Track 19: Roon: Sally was a good old girl; Correct Title: Rad Doll
Disc 07, Track 02: Roon: Forever, Forever; Correct Title: Let’s Hang on
Disc 08, Track 15: Roon: You Don’t know me; Correct Title: Summer in the city
Disc 08, Track 16: Roon: Human; Correct Title: Don’t think twice
Disc 09, Track 16: Roon: Love’s made a fool of you; Correct Title: Nashville cats
Disc 09, Track 20: Roon: Canadian Sunset; Correct Title: Working my way back to you
Disc 10, Track 02: Roon: Without you; Correct Title: Ronnie

Thanks for sending that over, @Wolfgang_Schneider. We’ll get this over to our metadata provider. It’ll take some time for them to correct, but we’ll follow up once we hear back from them. Thanks!

@dylan any news on this?
thank you

Hi @dylan,
any news on this topic?
thank you and best regrds

Hi @Wolfgang_Schneider

I’ll follow up on this with our provider and get back to you soon. Apologies for the continued troubles!