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Ok, let’s talk about this. Maybe I will get a useful response. I’ll say it again and hope I receive a reply that I cannot find in Community. But let’s go and I go with dreams and hope.Many years ago, about one after I joined, I submitted a photocopy of one of my album covers from a box set of Maria Callas operas. And you had a copy of the outside of her boxset. You still do, it’s beautiful! The other day I submitted a photocopy of the album cover of her edition of La Traviata, from that very boxset, and I have not heard anything, email. I guess it just flew off into the ether, wherever. The cover bot clearly shows “REMASTERED LIVE RECORDINGS 1949-1964.” It clearly showed the correct metadata compared to what you used. And, in order to help you, I pointed it out in the email I sent along.
Another issue is the combining of 2 discs. You say that you install discs that are in sequence close to each other. That’s news to me. I hand installed the discs, every blessed one of them. Disc one, Disc two. I will admit that a percentage of cases have shown up as combined. Great! Sincerely,Thanks. But many have not. (I think the improvement came with the installment of 1.8 in Roon.)
Then there are the discs that are shown in dark gray with out anything to show what they refer to. Is there anything in them? I click on them and some do not show anything . Then there is another that only shows the opera. I have not memorized the libretto and which opera it came from.
Another item is that I never had a reply to my issues. I’m playing with robots that have little understanding of nuances. I don’t like the feeling that it is not an even playing field. I have only too often received a referral to a site I have just come from. I don’t know why I have hope that I will receive an answer, directly. Maybe I am dull, but don’t you understand that before sendng a qestion to you I follow the directions, as best I can, you have sent out, really. It’s no glory to me that I have problems carryig out your instructions. I find myself swimming in confusion and mad that I can’t seem to arouse a useful response. John

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It would assist if you can more precisely describe what you are trying to achieve and the issues you are experiencing.


What I am tryig to acheive is the correct cover art for the series of Callas’ operas that were initially contained in a box entitled Marfia Callas LIVE REMASTERED LIVE RECORDINGS 1949-1964. That cover box was incorrectly, but at this juncture, helpfully, I hope, installed correctly. I individually installed all twenty of the operas contained in that box.
I realize in viewing the cover art actually contributed by Roon. The same operas must have been published in their original, not remastered, form.
About 3-1/2 weeks ago now, I sent in a photocopy of the actual cover art along with a screen shot of the existing cover art for the copy of La Traviata from that box. ( By the way, I cannot find copies of my intended interactions with discussions in RoonLabs community. I have given up trying.)
I was wrong when I said 12 operas in the box, I should have said I hoped this discussion might lead to a correction of the cover art of all twenty operas of the box set. I hope I have taken the time to clarify the proper area of concern. Is there anything else, a further area of concern?
I want to add once more that I am deeply appreaciative of your interest in my years old complaint. John

Box sets are a minefield , but I guess you have discovered that already. Quite simply if a Box is a Box leave it alone !!

To explain, if you split off parts of a box set Roon will import the “album” as is and try to identify. In your case the Callas recordings were almost certainly vinyl hence 40-50 mins max. My guess is that the “album” you are trying to import has been adjusted to fill the CD ie 70 ish minutes . So CD1 and LP1 won’t match.

I am not sure exactly how Roon does it’s lookup but it’s likely based around a mathematical checksum of track numbers/track timings with extra album name thrown in etc . MusicBrainz uses something called an Acoustic ID along these lines.

So Roon will go looking for an opera recording based on name, track times etc and while they are correct, even if the original 1950’s releases exist in the Rovi/MusicBrainz db’s they are not going to match the track timing and Roon will fail to ID .

Failing to ID means that Roon cannot import the requisite metadata and artwork. Not to mention difficulties in IDing Compositions etc

If you are lucky the remastered CD’s may have been released as a separate release so Roon will ID.

Not normal for opera but the record label often add extra tracks . Eg I have Alfred Brendel playing Brahms PC1 (3 tracks), the “album” taken from the 114 Box Set also included the Ballades Op.10 (another 4 Tracks) so while the PC recording is in the various db the “extracted album” is not .

hence the advise to leave as a box . The 114 CD Box is recognized and ID’ed

The real solution has been a feature request for 5 years to create a “box set” object with artwork individual to the individual CD and a Cumulative Artwork of the Box Cover . It has never happened.

The Focus too was improved in 1.8 to allow slicker access to Compositions in a Big Box

The only time a split box works is when it is genuinely a collection of previously released albums like Original jacket series. The “generous” record labels adding extra actually louse things up.

Nuff Said , Good Luck

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Well, Roon has a photocopy of the box, with the information about it’s contents: Maria Callas (in scipt) LIVE REMASTERED LIVE RECORDINGS 1949-1964 (IN BOLD PRINT). Why doesn’t that help them?

Roon doesn’t generate the metadata. Roon buys its metadata from those who vend that sort of thing.

Sending Roon a photocopy of the album cover and expecting some results will lead only to frustration.

I must be missing something in your reply. You state “The only time a split box works is when it is genuinely a collection of previously released albums…” That may be true My album may be the exception to the rule because the Traviata album was given a cover, by Roon, from an orignal release that came prior to being remastered. Does that not count as a prior release?

In my experience it is quite rare that splitting boxes works especially if the content is old like your Callas recordings. As @xxx says , Roon buys in a metadata service (on our behalf) so for the split to work the split off “old” recordings must be in one of the 2 metadata sources that Roon uses. AllMusic and MusicBrainz.

The older the recordings the less likely they are to be in either db

MusicBrainz is “Crowd Sourced” so you could submit you metadata to them for inclusion in which case the split would work and others would benefit from your efforts. I am not sure how I have never done it but it can be done.

A good example of being able to split is the Glen Gould Original Jacket set where each of the discs has been released on CD exactly as included. This is a rarity . A number of RCA top 100 also fit the bill .Normally the extras added to fill out CD spoil the match !!

I assume this is the box but there is limited metadata …

in MusicBrainz these are the only La Traviata



You can check AllMusic to see if you wish …

Hello @John_F_Leonard,

There seems to be some misunderstanding here on your part. You say you haven’t received a response from a person but It looks like @beka has been in regular contact with you via the email support request you’ve submitted. Beka is a person, not a “bot”.

Roon doesn’t have a process in place for receiving customer-submitted album art. You can, however, upload and use any album art in Roon that you wish. We do make corrections to album art when there’s an error but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. You can use the directions in this article to replace the cover art for your Callas collection.

If your Maria Callas discs aren’t recognized as being part of a box set you’ll need to do a bit of organization. This article provides details on that. You can use these directions for any box set that was been split in Roon.

In addition, you can manually identify your box set in Roon if you prefer, you can find more information on that here

These articles should be all you need to get this remedied. :+1:t2:


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