Boxed Sets, Playing selected disc then stop playing after last track

Is it possible somehow to select a particular Disc number within a boxed set and get Roon to stop playing after the last track has finished and not continue to the next Disc. For example I have an Alex Harvey 14 Disc boxed set, and play 1 disc at a time without trying to remember the last track name or continually swap windows to monitor track progress, and stop playback manualy on a MacBook whilst using Safari. I know some will say why not split the boxed set into its each individual disc and album title but I do not wish to do that. As I have several boxed sets and some with as many as 22 Discs it could get a tad tedious to split them up.

Yes - you can play each disc in a boxset individually. On the Album details screen, go to the “All discs/ Disc number” section above the track listing and select the disc number you want to play. When it is selected, you will see a Play icon appear by the disc number. Click that, and just the tracks on that particular disc will be added to the queue.

Thank you for that info, I have only been using Roon for 30 months :rofl:.

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So 30 percent of features in then :smiley::smiley: