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Hallo every one, i’m new on Roon, and don’t know why never used it before, hope i’m in the right place to ask. Is it normal that with big boxsets Roon becomes un unmanageable. I already founded some post from 2018. Problem is that with Boxsets like Bach333 it will take time to load them, and even scrolling becomes stressful. Thank you.

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:rofl: yes, completely normal! I never paid much attention to the boxset complaints, until I added The Neil Young Archives: 10 CD’s and 139 tracks. Now I understand: box set treatment needs some work!


Thank you!! Though was doing something wrong!

Try to approach roon as a fancy (and sometimes not very functional) music discovery interface between Tidal/Qobuz and your endpoint(s). If you can make peace with that, you may enjoy it. If what you want it’s a personal collection manager you may be better looking somewhere else, I highly doubt they are willing or capable to ever do that right…


There is a good topic about some of the different ways you can approach boxsets within Roon’s current limitations:

The latest posts are likely more applicable to 1.8 (but the first posts should provide a better overall understanding):

Roon 1.8 introduced some improvements in box sets , it’s not perfect by any means but try

Load Bach 333 , yes it will take a while it’s a lot of data

Focus > select Composition > expand View More > filter funnel type say Brandenburg

Or use the filter funnel

If you know the BWV just type say 988 and you’ll get the Goldbergs

Or type “gold”

The filter searches the whole set at each char change so short filters work best

thank you everyone…!! i’ll play around with it

I have been playing around with Mozart 255 , this is the biggest box set I have at 200 discs, the Bach 333 set referred to above has 224 (?), so its comparable

Using the 2 techniques I suggested (Focus and Filter) works but very sluggishly with Roon even crashing on several occasions.

Roon would seem to load the metadata for the whole album and the Focus and Filter work on that data in memory. It would seem a box of this magnitude just bogs down the GUI to the state where it simply can’t cope.

Working the other way via Composition is quicker processing but doesn’t show the Mozart 255 recordings for some reason. So that is a reasonable option ie never to go to a big Album/Box but to approach its contents by the back door.

I have been managing my BIG boxes in JRiver for a while as the navigation pre 1.8 was so poor , (JRiver allows for customized views so you can easily define a convenient method of navigation. In addition its using far less metadata hence far less memory 221 Mb compared to Roon 3035 Mb on the same (even bigger as it includes big boxes and my video collection too) library.

Mozart was in this system . I moved it to Roon but based on my quick test here I don’t think I will continue.

The combination of Focus and Filter works when the disc count is “reasonable”, define reasonable ? I would say less than 50 (???TBC) would work , anything bigger would be sluggish to unusable.

Its not a processor thing before some one comments , my PC is i7 7700, 16 Gb RAM . Roon takes up 3 Gb of my 16 just to exist. So its not processor limited its simply asking too much of the searching software (IMHO). The PC was freshly rebooted and running nothing else at the time.

Selecting a disc from the dropdown of 200 works but we are back to needing to know what’s where in the box ie no improvement over 1.7 in this instance.

Its still back to the drawing board as far as Boxes , the Bach (as is Mozart 255 and Beethoven 2020) set is split logically into 20 or so “Volumes” so that is a route . However I suspect the ID would be an issue as Roon ID’ed the full Mozart 255 box so probably won’t ID the component Volumes.

In JRiver my custom approach is to give each Disc in a Box a Sub Title and a Disc Volume if appropriate usually a brief list of contents, then build a view that displays the individual discs with individual artwork (often the CD sleeve with contents etc) .

The developer in me suggests that Boxes need a data structure independent of the current album structure even if the Box becomes a collection of “Albums” which many are .

I could go on !!!

Just my 2p and a check on my highly unscientific tests :nerd_face:

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Have you checked out MusicBrainz, Bach 333 has 2 releases , the whole 222 disc set and 9 x Pseudo Releases of which the biggest is 30 cd

That should get around the big disc load, create a tag and put the 9 pseudo sets in it


yes, thank you!!