BPM Smart Playlists

I’d love the ability in Roon to create dynamic folders based on BPM. A feature that’s standard in any DJ software or iTunes.

Thus can have a folder for trance, deep house etc.

As anyone found a work around to achieve it?

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I’d also love this feature! Roon is wonderful at sorting by most traditional genres but is terrible at playing electronic music. Discover jumps across multiple genres (including things like folk and opera…) when playing electronic music for me. Playing by BPM or BPM range would solve a lot of the troubles it has with genre hopping. (Listening while typing this, Roon just jumped from a chill house track to country… instant kill to a good vibe.)

Awesome developers, are there any plans to add a BPM detection and sorting feature? :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature. I would like a BPM section under ‘focus’. Maybe: slow/medium/fast, or with numbers off course