Bridge II is not discovered in Audio tab of settings


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I have Roon Version 1.2 (build 161) stable (64 bit) installed a laptop. I am a new Roon user in my trial period. I was using Jriver with no issues, but I wanted to try Roon. Bridge II is not discovered under networked devices.

Laptop details
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core i7-3537 CPU @ 2 Ghz
8 GB memory
64-bit operating system
Dell Inspirion 5721

I have DirectStream DAC that was upgraded in the field from a PWD II. This until was fully tested by PS Audio in August 2016, and the Bridge II was replaced.

DAC details
Unit ID 052921
Bootloader 1.13
Firmware 1.8.8
Bridge 0.0.0
FPGA 0.112
USB 00.195
Rev 0136

The Bridge II does not show up under Networked devices on Audio tab of settings. I have reset bridge, and I have restarted the DAC and Roon several times.

I can see the Bridge II on my network, and it is authorized to stream. (Works fine with JRiver)

I also have a NAD D7050 on the network, and it plays from Roon with no issues.

I am using TP-Link TC-7620 modem into an Apple Airport Extreme 802.1ac. The Bridge II is plugged into this router along with a P10 Power Plant which is controlled via internet with no issues.

The third port of the Airport Extreme feeds an 100 ft cat 5e to a bridged Airport Extreme 802.11n. This switch connect to my laptop and an unmanaged 8 port switch. The switch connects to another power plant (P5), DVR, and an NAD D7050. There are no connection issues with these devices.

Wireless portion of this network is only used for phones and iPad. I have Roon remote installed on an iPhone, and it controls the NAD D7050 with no issues.

I cannot discover the Bridge II on Roon from the laptop or the iPhone app. Please help.

No change after restarting laptop as well.

your Bridge II firmware needs updating to be Roon Ready
Without looking st my version I think it’s 2.8.1
On my DSJ you update by going to the network options screen (on dac) and it’s a long press where the screen states Network Update Available
Check the PS Audio site for specific instructions for the Directstream

You must also disable the windows firewall or it will say something like uncertified when it does see it…you also need Torrey’s firmware as well as the bridge update noted.

See also the ps audio forum threads.

I have the latest software version according to the note on this forum. I will reach out to PS Audio as well.

I disabled the windows firewall and same results. I also use Norton Internet Security if that matters. I am using Torrey firmware.

I would disable ALL firewalls and see if that helps

Your Bridge firmware is 0.0.0
It needs to be updated; see PSAudio website
If you look at the forum you will see that this topic is discussed. There is a 2.8.8 version available if you email Dennis at PSAudio

I just tried, and disabling all firewalls does not help.

Bridge firmware displays 0.0.0. This is known (display) issue that will be fixed with whatever is after Torreys. The bridge should still work. I am not interested in 2.8.8 version until it is fully tested and published on PS Audio site. My current version should work. I am waiting to hear back from support.

DS Bridge II firmware can take a while to display on the DS in my experience (Jr model) from a startup. I think a network connection might be needed active as well but don’t hold me to that :blush: Likewise the firmware version text that should be there too. If its not on Torrey’s you won’t get Roon active no matter what your Bridge firmware is as far as I am aware.

Dennis chimes in here pretty regularly, but if you email him at PSAudio he can send you Forced Update package to get you to the latest of both firmwares - but you need a windows machine to complete it that I recall you are using anyway.

Good luck, once you are there is great by the way. Just remember is limited to DSD 64 on the Bridge and DSD128 on the USB

My issue is resolved. I unplugged my entire system to move my P10. When the DAC was back up, I saw that I had an update to 2.7.11. Upgrade was quick, and Roon found the Bridge II with no issue. Thanks to all.

Also, you can see the bridge version using mconnect control app.

I leave my system on all of the time, and occasionally my system does not see the Bridge.

Solution: Just turn PS DAC on and off again.

Yes, Likewise, but in my case I need to turn on and off every other day which is painful

You might like to request a forced flash update package from Dennis and run that in over what you have.

Im not having any issues with my DS Jr

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Will do! thanks @Paul_Chatfield

Just unpacked my Junior today and slid it in. Not having any network problems, however, when reading the PS Audio forums I saw a piece about the BridgeII that said Fixed IP is critical. I fixed the address of the Junior and it connected right up and not issues even after a shut down and restart. Albeit it has only been about 3 hours of use so far. But do check that you’ve fixed the IP address of it.