Broadband/Bandwidth Requirements

Roon specifies the minimum Mac/PC requirements for running the software. However, there is no mention of the minimum/optimum broadband upload/download speed required to run Roon proficiently.

Such information would be most helpful.

Hi Spinaltap

After having my system connected to the internet whilst loading my albums and the metadata I am currently running it isolated with no internet connection, obviously I do not use Tidal! It works perfectly, I do understand Roon needs to access the web every 14 days or so, in the near future I will have it permanently connected to the internet but to answer your question, after metadata is gathered no bandwidth is required to run Roon.


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My impression had been that Roon gathers the data when initially scanning in the files, and that once this is done, not much bandwidth is required. So the bandwidth would really only affect the time it takes to scan/tag the files intially (as well as any files added later, or any additions to the online databases) and not the running of Roon - but correct me if I’m wrong!

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@ extracampine. Great minds think alike.

What @extracampine and @Ratbert are saying is right.

Roon uses the most bandwidth when identifying your content and grabbing metadata/artwork to go along with it. Tidal browsing/playback can also be fairly heavyweight.

It’s really not possible to produce more precise numbers on it. The product uses bandwidth for many different purpose and in many different ways. This is extra true if you activate TIDAL support.

Also note that your metadata identification is not a “grab once and be done” thing… we continually improve it.

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Just to clarify, after Roon is setup on my laptop, I can use Roon anywhere even if there is no internet access? Is there a limit before Roon won’t work such as mentioned earlier like 14 days?

I think it’s around 30 days you can go without internet… a few factors impact this number, but you should be fine for 2 weeks without internet.