Brooklyn Bridge Mute ON after some time idle

my Brooklyn Bridge enters the MUTE ON state after some time idle. I am playing some music, from Tidal, then the music ends and, without entering the standby state, it stays idle for some time, say one hour or so. Then i get back and press the play icon on Tidal again, but no sound. The Mute setting on the Brooklyn has magically been set to ON.Music restarts after i set Mute to OFF again. Did anyone find such behavior?

Are you on firmware 1.44?

Actualy i updated to 1.44 a couple of days ago.

It’s not something I’ve noticed but I will keep an eye out for it. Latest firmware did cure a minor problem mine has had since I bought it. This is where when using Roon Via network, there was no sound after switch-on until I used the volume control. Just one notch up or does was enough. Seems to be cured now.

Apparently is necessary to reset the unit after updating. I did nothing after upgrade. In the INFO section the 1.44 update had the legend “not checked”. Afer doing the reset the legend changed to “up to date”. I did this following Mytek support instructions. Lets hope this solves the issue.