Brooklyn Dac+ volume control with allo usbridge?

I’ve posted about this in a separate thread but think it’s got lost in amongst other stuff so will post it here instead.

I’ve got a Brooklyn DAC+ that I’m trying to get the volume control in roon working. I believe this is possible but I just can’t get the setting to stick - even when I select it I end up with roon telling me it’s set to fixed volume.

I’m feeding the Brooklyn with an Allo USBridge running DietPi. Any ideas?

Did you try changing the option USB Volume to the corresponding on the Mytek Control App?
This has 3 options Win (when running on windows), Db (Linux and OSX) and DISABLED (no control of volume over USB. Set it to your corresponding OS.
After that you have to change the Volume Control setting on Device Setup form Fixed Volume to Device Volume.

Just look out for the sound volume when you do this for the first time so you do not burst 100% volume to your speakers.


I do have the exact setup with Roon Core feeding into Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ via USB. You need to activate USB volume in the Mytek menu. Than you change the Audio setup in the Roon control app from fixed to device volume, as mentioned above. This is easier to be done from a Roon control App on a computer than in the mobile App.

Hi both, thanks for the input. I still don’t seem to be able to get it to work - I’ve set USB volume to dB (I have tried both Win and dB) in control panel for Mac and it seems to hold the setting (I can see it when I cycle through the settings display on the DAC+). But I’m still seeing the same behaviour when I try and change the setting in Room - I pick “device volume” but when I then go and try and change the volume it still says “the volume control is fixed”.


Try it without the allo bridge and see if you make it.

yep, seems to work fine if I connect directly to my MacBook… I’m guessing theres something I need to be doing with the allo/dietpi settings to get this working?

I can’t help you there as I do not own one. Maybe try to explore the manual and device options.


Thanks for the suggestions :+1:

Does any one use an allo usbridge with the Brooklyn? Any tips?

I have the Brooklyn DAC (not +) and Usbridge and it bataves the same as yours. The only way I can (kinda) control the volume from Roon is by setting it to DSP.

Im going to contribute a big +1 for this, the USB HID volume control really should be made to work from dietpi/USBridge to Mytek Brooklyns as they are a supported device.

Whats it going to take?

Just resurrecting this years old topic - does anyone have Roon volume working when feeding a Brooklyn dac via an allo usbridge running Dietpi?