Browse TIDAL playlists in Roon

Hi there, is there any way of searching for specific playlists that exist in Tidal in the Roon app?
For example, I want to listen to “Taylor Swift Essentials” playlist. This playlist doesn’t show up in search within the Roon app. But it is there if you use the Tidal native app… I am aware that if I favorite the playlist in the native Tidal app, it will show up as a playlist in Roon. But what if I was just browsing? Then I wouldnt want to browse in Tidal first, then have it show in Roon after…


Hi! Just started to use Roon and I was wondering the same… You can’t find TIDAL’s “Daily mixes” or “curated playlists” in Roon, they just won’t show up… only Roon’s playlists in the home page.

So strange no one has answered this yet…

You mean these daily mixes?
Show up in my roon.

Ok, I missed the TIDAL tab on the menu, yeah, the TIDAL Mixes are there. However, when using the search tool at the top (either Roon or ARC app), I write for example “Lo-Fi” to look for a Lo-Fi music playlist (which I can clearly see that Tidal has several of those) and the Roon results only give me an Artist, Album, some tracks and a radio, won’t show up any of Tidal’s curated playlists =(

Create a new playlist with them songs, and then they’ll show under ‘Playlists’ on the Roon App.